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Fame & Folly
Digest for Week of December 16th, 2016

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Fame and Folly Blog Posts

Florida Woman Uses Pet to 'Doctor Shop' at Animal Hospitals

December 15, 2016
The dog's name was Tony Montana. This guy. That should've been the vet's first clue that Malorie Ruiz might be more than just a concerned pet owner looking to chill her dog out on some Alpazolam, a form of Xanax....
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Michael Jackson's Billion-Dollar Tax Battle Continues

December 13, 2016
The battle between the IRS and Michael Jackson's estate is heating up. While trial is not set to begin until 2017, the end result could make this a billion dollar case. The dispute centers around the value of Michael...
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Neighbor Files Lawsuit Over Christmas Music

December 13, 2016
One New York City attorney has had enough of his neighbor's Christmas display and has filed a lawsuit. While some might think he is going overboard, the display includes speakers that play Christmas music from 7 a.m. to midnight,...
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Robin Williams Arrested With Tupac Holding 114 Pounds of Pot

December 12, 2016
If you could be arrested with any famous person, alive or dead, who would it be? And what would it be for? Most people have been asked about which famous person they would most want to meet, or have...
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