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Digest for Week of May 9th, 2016


It Wasn't Me
Florida Driver's BAC of .604 Too High for Jail, but He Denies Drinking
(FindLaw's Legally Weird) - Some people are in denial about their drinking problems and others take denial to the next level. Stephen Allbritton is in the latter camp, and he is likely going to have to face facts.

Allbritton, a 46-year-old Florida man, was arrested with a blood alcohol content of .604 percent, or eight times the legal limit of .08. His alcohol level was so high, he couldn't be taken to jail -- the police had to take him to the hospital.

Need a Doctor's Note? Buy One
You Don't Need a Doctor for a Doctor's Note, Lawyer Says
(FindLaw's Legally Weird) - There are plenty of students and employees out there that will do anything for a day, or even an afternoon off school or work. Sadly, there appear to be plenty of teachers and employers out there that will do anything to spoil a good time, like asking for a doctor's note and even calling the number to prove it's legit.

The market abhors a vacuum, so in steps to the rescue. Now hooky-playing high school students and burnt out account reps can acquire Get Out of Jail Free cards, right on the Internet. Truly this is a golden age. But is any of it legal?


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