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Bankruptcy Law

July 05-09, 2010 Weekly Bankruptcy Law Newsletter
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Bankruptcy Law

  • In re: Texas Pig Stands, Inc.
  • In the Matter of: Solis
  • In re: Polaroid Corp.
  • Ta Chong Bank Ltd. v. Hitachi High Techs. Am., Inc.
  • In re: Mouzon Enters., Inc.

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Bankruptcy Law

United States Fifth Circuit, 07/07/2010
In re: Texas Pig Stands, Inc.
In a bankruptcy trustee's appeal from a district court's reversal of the bankruptcy court's order refusing to hold the trustee liable for a tax deficiency incurred in running the debtor's business, the district court's order is affirmed where the trustee exceeded his authority, violated the plan, and committed willful misconduct, and therefore the Trust Agreement did not limit his liability. Read more...

United States Seventh Circuit, 07/09/2010
In the Matter of: Solis
In Chapter 7 proceedings, district court's affirmance of bankruptcy court's denial of an attorney's claim against the estate for $49,719.63 in attorney fees and costs is affirmed as, under the terms of the contingent fee agreement, the attorney is entitled to a percentage of only the money he actually recovered from other parties, not a percentage of the money the debtor had received earlier. Read more...

United States Eighth Circuit, 07/09/2010
In re: Polaroid Corp.
In a creditor's appeal of the bankruptcy court's approval of a debtor's sale, free and clear of any liens, of its assets, the appeal is dismissed where no party obtained a stay of the sale pending appeal, and thus the appeal was moot. Read more...

United States Ninth Circuit, 07/07/2010
Ta Chong Bank Ltd. v. Hitachi High Techs. Am., Inc.
In a complaint asserting several claims against Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc. based on plaintiff-bank's interest in the accounts receivable of a third party, pursuant to certain factoring agreements entered into by those entities, a dismissal of the complaint is affirmed where the claims were based solely on plaintiff's interest in the third party's accounts receivable, which the bankruptcy court had determined to be property of the third party's bankruptcy estate. Read more...

United States Eleventh Circuit, 07/09/2010
In re: Mouzon Enters., Inc.
In a creditor's appeal from a bankruptcy court's order holding that the motion filed by debtor seeking to vacate the Consent Order was not barred under Rule 9024, the order is reversed where the bankruptcy court erred in holding that an order resolving a claim that has been objected to, but not litigated, constitutes an order "entered without a contest" for the purposes of Fed. R. Bankr. P. 9024. Read more...
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