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Family Law

July 05-09, 2010 Weekly Family Law Newsletter
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Family Law

  • I.H. v. County of Lehigh
  • In re Marriage of Schopfer

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Family Law

United States Third Circuit, 07/07/2010
I.H. v. County of Lehigh
In a suit against a private foster agency by a foster child, through his guardian ad litem, claiming that the agency was vicariously liable for the negligent driving of the foster parent that caused an accident rendering the child a quadriplegic, a grant of agency's motion for summary judgment is affirmed as a master-servant relationship did not exist between the agency and the foster parent to impose vicariously liability on the agency for the foster parent's ordinary negligence at issue. Read more...

California Court of Appeal, 07/07/2010
In re Marriage of Schopfer
Trial court's denial of a father's motion to reduce his child support obligation to zero from the $900 that he paid to the child's stepfather each month is affirmed where: 1) neither Family Code section 3951(a) nor Plumas County Dept. of Child Support Services v. Rodriguez required the trial court to modify father's child support obligation to zero because father agreed to pay guideline child support to stepfather a year earlier, and thus section 3951(a) was satisfied; and 2) a guideline child support order made during a child's minority that remains in effect after the child's 18th birthday because the child is a full-time high school student need not be modified simply because neither party has custody of the child after she turns 18. Read more...

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