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July 05-09, 2010 Weekly Patent Newsletter
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  • Telcordia Technologies, Inc. v. Cisco Sys. Inc.
  • In re Giacomini

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United States Federal Circuit, 07/06/2010
Telcordia Technologies, Inc. v. Cisco Sys. Inc.
In plaintiff's suit for infringement of three patents related to transmission of data in telecommunications networks, the judgment of the district court is affirmed in part, vacated in part and remanded where: 1) denial of defendant's JMOL motion on invalidity of the '306 patent is vacated and remanded as the court erroneously construed the only term on which it based its denial; 2) denial of defendant's JMOL motion that the asserted claims of the '763 patent are indefinite is affirmed; 3) district court's finding that the jury's verdict of $6.5 million award compensates plaintiff only for past infringement is not clearly erroneous; 4) district court's award of interest under section 284 does not constitute an impermissible double recovery; and 5) it did not abuse its discretion by directing the parties to negotiate the terms of the appropriate royalty. Read more...

United States Federal Circuit, 07/07/2010
In re Giacomini
In a case involving petitioner's patent application, claiming a technique for selectively storing electronic data in a readily accessible memory called a "cache," decision of the Board of Patent Appeals and Inferences rejecting certain claims of the application as anticipated under 35 U.S.C. section 102 by another patent is affirmed as the Trans patent has a patent-defeating effect as of the filing date of the provisional application to which it claims priority and which was filed before petitioner's application. Read more...

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