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April 30, 2008 Weekly Project Finance Newsletter
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  • Blickman Turkus, LP v. MF Downtown Sunnyvale, LLC.
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California Appellate Districts, April 30, 2008
Blickman Turkus, LP v. MF Downtown Sunnyvale, LLC.
In a case primarily addressing whether a realtor who represented the lessee in a complex commercial lease transaction had a duty to inform the lessor, after the lease was signed but before the lessee took possession, that the lessee's ability to perform the conditions of the lease was jeopardized by its deteriorating financial condition, the judgment below is affirmed primarily as the trial court did not err: 1) in determining that the lessor failed to plead facts sufficient to establish any duty on the realtor's part; nor 2) in refusing to award attorney fees to the lessor based upon its defeat of the realtor's claims for unpaid commissions pursuant to Civil Code section 1717. Read more...

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