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Digest for Week of January 4th, 2017

Ethics Case Summaries and Blog Posts

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Ethics Case Summaries

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors v. The Superior Court of Los Angeles County

December 29, 2016
Evidence, Ethics & Professional Responsibility
(Supreme Court of California) - In an action that implicates the public‘s interest in transparency and a public agency‘s interest in confidential communications with its legal counsel, the Court of Appeal’s judgment concerning whether billing invoices are privileged is reversed where invoices for work in pending and active legal matters are so closely related to attorney-client communications that they implicate the heart of the privilege rule.
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Ethics Blog Posts

ABA: Don't Violate Client Confidentiality When Withdrawal for Non-Payment of Fees

William Vogeler
December 22, 2016
When your client stiffs you in the middle of litigation with an unpaid legal bill, don't you just want to complain about it to someone? Not your bartender, but someone who can do something about it -- like a...
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Man Running for Judge Gets Law License Suspended Over Attack Ads

William Vogeler
December 13, 2016
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth ten thousand votes. At least, that's what attorney Ronnie Michael Tamburrino must have been thinking when he decided to run some television commerials in his judicial...
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